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Our Terrific Authors 

Chelle Cordero - Bartlett's Rule, April, 2008;  Within the Law, October, 2008; Courage of the Heart, February, 2009; Final Sin, May, 2009; Hostage Heart, July, 2009; A Chaunce of Riches, November, 2009; Common Bond, Tangled Hearts (thanks to Lindsay Townsend, winner of the title contest Chelle held), February, 2010;  His Lucky Charm (previously released as Forgotten), May, 2010; Living, Breathing, Writing: A Lesson A Day, November, 2010 (electronic editions), August, 2011 (print edition); Hyphema, April, 2011 (electronic editions), May, 2011 (print edition); Living, Breathing, Writing: A Lesson A Day,Volume 2 August, 2011 (electronic editions), September, 2011; The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero, short story anthology, June, 2013 (electronic editions), June, 2013 (print edition);Final Sin, Audiobook, June, 2013; Courage of the Heart, Audiobook, July, 2013; Hyphema, Audiobook, September, 2013; Hostage Heart, Audiobook, September, 2013; Karma Visited, September 15, 2013 (electronic editions and print edition), Audiobook, November, 2013;  60+ Days to Live, Breathe, & Write, November, 2013 (electronic editions and print edition); A Chaunce of Riches, 2nd Expanded Print Edition, March, 2014, Audiobook, March 2014; Within the Law, 2nd Edition, print and electronic editions - simultaneous release - August, 2014; audiobook, September, 2014; Final Sin - Die Letzte Sünde-German Editions​; Final Sin-El Último Pecado-Spanish Editions;​ Karma Visited-El Karma Llegó-Spanish Editions; Hyphema-Hipema-Spanish Editions; Annie's Karma, print and electronic editions, January, 2017

Lauren Shiro - Loving Her, January, 2009; Unbreakable Hostage, February, 2010; Imperfect, September, 2010 (electronic editions), November, 2010 (print edition);Impeccable, September, 2011 (electronic editions), November, 2011 (print edition); Loving Her, the series, The Ballerina,Book 1, August 23, 2013 (electronic editions); Loving Her,the series, The Cop,Book 2, October 15, 2013 (electronic editions); Loving Her, the series, The Mechanic,Book 3, November, 2013 (electronic editions); Loving Her, the series, The Model,Book 4, November, 2013 (electronic editions); Loving Her, the series, Volume 1 Collection - The Ballerina, The Cop, The Mechanic, and The Model,Volume 1, December, 2013 (print and electronic editions); Loving Her, the series, - The Peace  Officer, Book 5, February, 2014 (electronic editions); Loving Her, the series, - The Shelter Director, Book 6, April 3, 2014 (electronic editions) March 15, 2014; Loving Her, the series, - The Writer, Book 7, May 15, 2014 (electronic  editions); Imperfect, 2nd Expanded Edition, June, 2014 (print and electronic editions);Impeccable, 2nd Expanded Edition, June, 2014 (print and electronic editions); Loving Her, the series, - The Vet Student, Book 8, June 25, 2014 (electronic editions); Loving Her, Volume 2 Collection, - The Peace Officer, The Shelter Director, The Writer, and The Vet Student, July 20, 2014 (print and electronic editions); Pianissimo, October, 2014 (electronic editions and print edition - simultaneous release); Pianissimo-Italian Editions; Pianissimo-Pianísimo-Spanish Editions

Malcolm R. Campbell - Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire, August, 2009, Audiobook, September, 2013 ;  Moonlight and Ghosts, (a Short Story) November, 2012 (electronic editions); Cora's Crossing, (a Short Story) December, 2012 (electronic editions); Emily's Stories, (3 Short Stories) March, 2013 (electronic editions), November, 2013 (print edition), Audiobook, May 2013; Jock Stewart Strikes Back, April 1, 2014 to share the 'Jock-ularity' on April Fool's Day (electronic editions and print edition), Audiobook May 3, 2014; Malcolm R. Campbell's Spooky Stories, two spooky stories in one volume, Cora's Crossing and Moonlight and Ghosts, Audiobook, June 24, 2014; Print Edition, October, 2014; Cora's Crossing- Attraversamento di Cora-Italian Editions; Cora's Crossing-Cruzando de Cora-Spanish Editions​; Cora's Crossing-A Travessia de Cora-Portugese Editions; Emily's Stories-Las Historias de Emily-Spanish Editions; Emily's Stories-I Racconti di Emily-Italian Editions;

Charmaine Gordon -  To Be Continued, January, 2010, Audiobook, September, 2013; Starting Over, May, 2010; Now What?, August, 2010; Reconstructing Charlie, January, 2011 (electronic editions), February, 2011 (print edition); Sin of Omission, Spring, 2012 (print and electronic editions); The Catch, March, 2013 (electronic  and print editions); Instant Grandpa, Book 1 of the new Senior Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End, June, 2013 (electronic editions); Young at Heart, Book 2 of the new Senior Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End,  August, 2013 (electronic editions); Before the Final Curtain, Book 3 of the new Senior Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End,  September, 2013 (electronic editions); The Beginning...Not the End, Volume 1 - with Instant Grandpa, Young at Heart, and Before the Final Curtain,  September, 2013, Print Edition; No Time for Green Bananas, Book 4 of the Senior Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End,  November, 2013 (electronic editions); She Didn't Say No, Book 5 of the Mature Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End,  January, 2014 (electronic editions); Doctor D and the Dad, Book 6 of the Mature Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End,  April, 2014 (electronic editions); She Never Said Yes, Book 7 of the Mature Romance series, The Beginning... Not the End,  June, 2014 (electronic editions); Farewell, Hello, Contemporary Romance, June 20, 2014 (electronic editions), print  edition; Housebroken, River's Edge Contemporary Romance 1, September, 2014 (electronic editions); Help Wanted, River's Edge Contemporary Romance 2, October, 2014 (electronic editions); River's Edge Trio, Volume 1, print and electronic editions, November, 2014; Breaking New Ground, a River's Edge story, electronic editions, January, 2015; Bridging the Gap, a River's Edge story, electronic editions, April, 2015; When Doubles Become Single, A Survive and Thrive novella, print and electronic editions, August, 2015; Together, Again - A Charlie's Family Secrets novella, electronic editions, March, 2016; Print Edition TBD

​Angela Kay Austin - Scarlet's Tears, May, 2011 (electronic editions);Sweet Victory, May, 2011 (electronic editions), August, 2011 (print edition); Give Me Everything, January, 2012 (electronic editions), April, 2012 (print edition); Derailed, February, 2013 (electronic editions);Sweet Victory, Audiobook, July, 2013; Derailed, Audiobook, August 2013; On the Frontline, Volume 1 with Derailed and Scarlet's Tears, Print Edition, October, 2013; Rumer, January, 2014 (electronic editions), March,2014 (print edition), Audiobook Coming Soon

Tamara Philip - The Trouble with Playing Cupid, July, 2014 (electronic editions), print edition September, 2014, audiobook January, 2015; The Trouble with Romance, Valentine's Day, 2015 Print and electronic editions, audiobook Coming Soon; The Trouble with Playing Cupid-El Problema de Jugar a ser Cupido-Spanish Editions; 

Neva Squires-Rodriguez - Liliana, Book 1 the Liliana series  - August, 2014 (electronic editions), print edition October, 2014, audiobook TBD; In Too Deep, Book 2 the Liliana series  - (print and electronic editions) November, 2014, audiobook TBD; No Turning Back, Book 3 the Liliana series  - (print and electronic editions) May. 2015, audiobook TBD; Liliana-Spanish Editions; In Too Deep-Hasta el Cuello-Spanish Editions; No Turning Back-Sin Vuelta Atrás-Spanish Editions

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard - Nightlife, A Stories from the Shadows Short Story, electronic editions, July, 2015; Night Hues, Detective Lilah Evans - Protector of the Night, Book 1 - Print, Electronic, and Audio Editions TBD; Stories from the Shadows, Volume 1 (electronic, audio, and print editions), TBD; Shadows Trilogy, TBD - Shadows of Blood, Book 1, Shadows Trilogy; Shadows of Darkness,  Book 2, Shadows Trilogy;  and Shadows of Death,  Book 3, Shadows Trilogy; Heart of Night-Au Coeur de la Nuit-French Editions; Heart of Night-El Corazón de la Noche- Spanish Editions; Nightlife-Vita Notturna-Italian Editions; Heart of Night-Coração Noturno- Portuguese Editions; Heart of Night-Il Cuore della Notte-Italian Editions;