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Your invitation to the private reader-reviewer club page should arrive within 48 hours. Please add to your Preferred Sender or White List so communications are not delayed. We will not sell or distribute email addresses.



You must be at least 18 to review our books.



Reviewers need to be well versed in the English language and have the time to commit to reviewing books in a timely manner. 


New Reviewer Preliminary Period

For the first 5 reviews, reviewers will need to review eBooks only. After the preliminary period they will then be able to request print books as long as a reviewer lives in the US. Reviewers outside of the 50 US states can do eBooks only, until completion of preliminary period, at which time they may request audiobooks as well as ebooks.


Book Formats

Reviewers need to be able to read eBooks. We send you a personalized download code for the specific book(s) you agree to read and review. The Smashwords download code allows you to select the format you prefer, including Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, and Kobo. You are also able to download a PDF to read directly on your computer if you so choose. We also get in print books, and occasionally, audiobooks. Print books are shipped only in the USA and are for reviewers who have completed the preliminary period. 


Selecting and Reviewing Books

Reviewers select the books and authors they want to review, in the genre they prefer. Reviewers must agree to review all books they select in a timely manner, and in the available title listings each month, you will see each listing has a suggested ‘due by’ date. This allows Vanilla Heart Publishing to use all or part of a review in promotional and marketing efforts.

If you run into circumstances that prevent you from completing your review, please let us know at as soon as possible. Please be sure to include your name, the title of the book, and the format you have.



Reviewers are provided a free book by the publisher or author, but getting a free book should never prompt a glowing review. A review should be based on the books merit. Reviews need to be considerate, and please, while giving a brief ‘what is this book about’, try to avoid spoilers. Reviewers must always be professional in their reviews. The publisher and authors recommend that you include the disclaimer that the publisher sent you a free review copy.



All  VANILLA HEART PUBLISHING reviewers must agree that all eBooks, print books, Advance Reading Copies (ARC’s) and audiobooks are provided for review purposes only.



Reviewers are NOT employed by  VANILLA HEART PUBLISHING or by our authors. We don't pay for reviews. 


Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notice, and availability of individual titles will change as new titles and formats are released.

Do you love to read? Sign up to be a Vanilla Heart Publishing Reader-Reviewer! You will have your choice of terrific VHP titles to choose from, and once you have reviewed five VHP titles in ebook format, will also be eligible to receive review titles in print, an occasional audiobook, and some great swag and surprises!

Reader-Reviewers have a private group page where titles are listed with available editions, and an easy RR request form to keep things simple.

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