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Malcolm R. Campbell

Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of contemporary fantasy novels and paranormal short stories as well as the satire Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire (2009). Jock Stewart Strikes Back is a collection of Jock's musings on news, politics, oddities, and more, written in the style of the curmudgeonly Jock Stewart himself. 

The e-book short stories, “Moonlight and Ghosts” (2012) “Cora’s Crossing” (2012), and the three-story set “Emily’s Stories” (2012) are set in the Florida Panhandle where Campbell grew up. He began hearing Florida ghost stories on Scout camping trips in the pinewoods, swamps and other locations which are perfect for strange events. “Emily’s Stories” is also available as an audiobook.

Campbell’s nonfiction includes the Glacier National Park e-book Bears; Where They Fought – Life in the Swiftcurrent Valley and feature articles in “The Rosicrucian Digest.” “The Inside Trail,” and the National Park Service Glacier Park commemorative book, 100 Years 100 Stories.