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Vanilla Heart Publishing builds deep and lasting bonds with our authors through the power of unparalleled expertise and state of art marketing campaigns.




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from the Start.

Vanilla Heart Publishing was founded to fill an unmet need: a one-stop solution for authors. For writing, editing, printing, publishing, distribution, and marketing. To solve this problem, the team would need to invest heavily in expert human resources with deep connections in the industry to build a mechanism unmatched in market quality and scalability.

the things we value

We carry these principles with us on every assignment.

A promise is trumped by proof

We don't perform outbound marketing or have a sales force. We're straight shooters who like to demonstrate rather than discuss things.

Never accept anything less than the stat-buckets

We have high expectations; we consider things through and aim to achieve a perfect mix of beauty and substance in order to create something really exceptional.

Invest completely

We only work on concepts that we believe in, which means we are invested in our projects and always have our customers' best interests in mind.

Advantages of Vanilla Heart Publishing:

Design Excellence - Each book design professional on our team adheres to industry design requirements.

Concierge Service - You may deal with a single, dedicated representative who will oversee every aspect of your book's development and get to know it thoroughly and out.

Opportunity for Discovery – We work with you to increase the likelihood that your book will pique the curiosity of readers, retailers, agents, and other publishers. For prospective purchase by the Top 5 Publishers, chosen works produced by Vanilla Heart Publishing are assessed by a board made up of our painstakingly selected editors. Based on sales patterns and manuscript quality, the editors analyze the books before recommending them to publishers. All purchase choices are made solely at the discretion of the publishers; however, they do take the board's suggestions into account.

Specialist Packages - Choose from specialty packages for general fiction and nonfiction, business, and children's books to reach and engage your book's target audience.

Unique Services - We provide a number of one-of-a-kind services to aid in the discovery of you and your book.

While we're good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.

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1200 Century away, Thorpe Park,
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