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Vanilla Heart Publishing is based in Washington State, USA and we are celebrating nine years of publishing great books by terrific authors!

We are an independent publisher, providing traditional publishing services to the authors we select. Vanilla Heart Publishing will never charge a fee to any author. We do not select all manuscripts submitted to us; we publish only a small percentage of submitted manuscripts to maintain a title list of the highest caliber. Vanilla Heart Publishing will publish all accepted manuscripts as e-books and may publish full length books in print within six months depending on sales and author marketing efforts and participation; author contracts will include details regarding e-book and print publication.

​We do not accept unsolicited submissions. We require a query via e-mail first, and if we are intrigued by your query we will request a selection of chapters in your polished, completed manuscript. After reviewing these chapters, the acquisitions team may elect to request a full manuscript. We accept only electronic submissions.

All selected manuscripts will receive an easy to read and understand industry standard publishing contract with what we believe are higher than average royalties for the publishing industry. Each contract is individually tailored to the unique author and subject of the book based on the genre, writing style, and marketability of the book.

Vanilla Heart Publishing will respond to all queries adhering to the guidelines, and to all requested manuscript submissions.

​All Vanilla Heart Publishing's books are professionally edited, formatted, and provided with a color cover suited to the individual title, again, with absolutely ZERO cost to the author. 

POLICY CHANGE: Manuscripts edited by third party editors must be reviewed and go through final editing pass from a VHP contracted editor, prior to publication in any format.

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